Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spaced Aged Cafe & Lodge

The Space Age Restaurant in Gila Bend, Arizona

Spaced Aged Lodge lobby

fancy artwork

Entrance to the restaurant which has one hell of a delish bacon cheeseburger!

a fun little hotel...

...what is up with Gila Bend's finest parked outside some rooms?  The new office? A party?  Big drug bust?  Who knows, but we were definitely curious.

Gila Bend's water tower (actually not in use anymore).
It reminds me of "Pettycoat Junction".

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Lost Barn

This was located in back of the burnt down house.  Sharon was able to get a reading in the barn where as she couldn't in the house.  I can't wait to read the story of who used the barn and what his life was like.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Burnt Memories

We went back to the burnt house for Sharon to see if she could get a reading on what may have happened to this house.   We wanted to see what the people were like that lived there and what may have cause the fire.  She walked around the burnt down mess touching objects, but got nothing.  We wondered if the memories disinegrated in the fire.  Check out her post on the place:

We found quarts sitting on the fireplace and broken in several pieces from the extreme fire.

Friday, September 24, 2010


The rather creepy motel reminded me of the Bates Motel.  As we walked up and down peering in each room, Sharon was taking a video and I was snapping pictures.  I was wondering how many families, lovers and businessmen hung their hats there for the night.  Sharon got a strong reading in one room.  She felt some sort of violent act may have occurred in that room.  I am looking forward to her writeup of this room and what went on in there.

Check out Sharon's video of the motel: Abandoned Motel

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Secrets of the Domes

One of the places Sharon wanted to take me on our Gila Bend/Casa Grande trip was the mysterious Domes. These strange dome shape structures sit in the middle of the desert of Casa Grande only a few miles from the interstate. As you drive up on them, you notice that one object is shaped like a flying saucer and the other three structures resemble caterpillars. How did they get there and what was the purpose of the building shapes?

In July of 1982, Patricia Zebb, who owned InnerConn Technology Inc., was speaking to a group of around 75 people about her new computer manufacturing company. Her plan was to move the company headquarters from California to the newly constructed site in Casa Grande she called, “The Domes”. The new offices were dome shaped with a Thermoshell construction with the main office resembling a definitive flying saucer. Zebb was very excited about the new plant and couldn’t wait for that first circuit board to roll off the assembly line. Sadly, that was never to happen.

When the domes were first built in the early 80’s on the 135 acre site, there were high hopes of manufacturing not only circuit boards but all kinds of equipment such as quartz watches to huge computers. Using the dome shape was decided because of cost and insulation efficiency. It would be expedite as far as construction and only took six weeks to build. The domes were constructed by pouring three inches of polyurethane, and then three inches of concrete against a balloon inside, which was held up by a steel skeleton. I have to tell you that it was over 100 degrees at the time we were there and inside the domes it felt much cooler.

A year after the dedication of the new company in 1983, InnerConn Technologies defaulted on a loan and the bank took over ownership. The site remained abandoned until it was bought by a couple in 2006. Throughout the years, ghost hunters and UFO enthusiasts would trek across county to check out the odd shape objects in Casa Grande they read about online. It became a place for the young to hang out and have parties and raves. The Domes are a dangerous place to be with the walls in disarray and the ceilings falling in piece by piece.

There have been many bizarre stories of ghosts and possible satanic worshiping in the dark worm-like tunnels. Some say that at night you can hear footsteps and whispering in the back dome. A shadow figure has been seen roaming from dome to dome and sometimes out in the surrounding desert. People have report odd tapping noises on their cars if they parked them near the domes. There is a bad vibe inside the domes and an uneasy feeling like something evil is going to happen. Rumors of black magic, rapes and murders are also being told with warnings to stay away. It isn’t known for sure that the stories are just that and what really goes on there is nothing more than underage drinking and occasional squatter just spending a night or two there.

Whatever the rumors are about the domes, it is certainly an appealing place to check out. But be wise about it, not like us, and remember there are “no trespassing” signs posted around the property and a hefty fine if you get caught.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where is the Billington House Hiding?

Just like many other cities across the US, Phoenix has its share of haunted houses. One house I have heard is very haunted is the Billington House. The big mystery is not just what happened there but where the hell is the house located? When I looked up information on this elusive dwelling, all I could find is a zip code. I pulled up maps for Phoenix zip codes and found the general location of the house. That particular area was small so I thought it should be easy to spot an old haunted house, but I was wrong.

One Thursday armed with my camera, I was on the hunt for Jo Jo’s Alley, the location where a 9 year old girl’s ghost had been seen, and the Billington House. I had my Google maps pinpointing the locations and the route I was going to take. Since Jo Jo’s Alley was near my house, I started there first. After driving the creepy alley, I headed downtown where the other two places were located.

The cross streets in Phoenix are laid out nicely, north-south and east-west. Some are one-way but are well marked so you won’t be facing on-coming traffic. The only bummer was all the damn construction. I did manage to find the cross streets where the little girl was hit by a car and where her ghost likes to make its presence known. After I took some pictures, I was off to find the Billington house.

Jeez, I must have circle that entire zip code several times and never saw anything that could possibly be the house. I looked for signs that might help locate this place, but saw nothing. Downtown has lots of old buildings that could have been it, but it was hard to tell. Alas, I had to give up and drive my disappointed butt home. I will go searching for it one more time since Halloween is approaching and finding as many haunted houses in Phoenix and surrounding cities is my goal for this spooky season.

Here is one of the stories that make this house worth the find:

Even though each family member has experienced something paranormal in the house, it is the youngest daughter that has acknowledged most of the unusual occurrences. While home alone, she had reported hearing footsteps and disembodied voices. She had seen a white radiant figure staring at her while standing still in the second floor window of her playhouse. This figure appeared to have only one arm and could only be seen in the nighttime. It showed up three consecutive nights and by the fourth night, it was gone. She even reported the incident to her father, but he never saw anything unusual in the tree house. This isn’t all this child saw that scared her. One night she woke up, went to her window, and saw a man in a long black coat and hat standing on her patio. She blinked out of fear, and the man was gone. Also, on several occasions, she had reported seeing a woman peering from her closet and smiling at her. The woman would be just standing there, and then quickly disappeared.

I don’t know why this particular child experienced most of the activity, but these are questions I would like to get to the bottom of. Perhaps Autumnforest and I can find this house and do an impromptu investigation to see if the stories are true. The only problem is we have to find this mysterious abode first.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Notice the tri-fold wood screen leaning against the wall on the left?

We took it out so I could take a picture through it.

Some how it folded itself up and ended up in our car.
Hum, where is it now? 
I suspect it is separating Sharon's dining room and living room,
but, I'm just guessing...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nester's Trailer

This trailer looked like Nester's trailer in the movie, "Tremors".  As we looked around the eerie sight, we felt the ground move a bit under us.  We looked for solid ground or large bolder, but found nothing.  The trailer park looked like the graboids had a party there.  The place was a huge mess.  Thank goodness we didn't see a graboid pop its head through the ground or any other creature roaming around the place.  R.I.P. Nester...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Little Girl's Playground

As you walk into the abandoned trailer park, off to the right you see a swing set just sitting there all alone.  Sharon felt at one time a little girl once played there, perhaps with her siblings or other friends who also lived in a trailer located on this desert park.  For the most part the swing set is intact, but is now surrounded by garbage and desecrated trailers.