Spaced Aged Cafe & Lodge

The Space Age Restaurant in Gila Bend, Arizona

Spaced Aged Lodge lobby

fancy artwork

Entrance to the restaurant which has one hell of a delish bacon cheeseburger!

a fun little hotel...

...what is up with Gila Bend's finest parked outside some rooms?  The new office? A party?  Big drug bust?  Who knows, but we were definitely curious.

Gila Bend's water tower (actually not in use anymore).
It reminds me of "Pettycoat Junction".


  1. I loved Petticoat Junction--I wanted my own tower to swim in. Don't want to know if the locals used the water--ick! That place is fun. Fantastic food and kitschie gift shop and filled to the brim with handsome military men. Not a bad combination for a restaurant in the middle of the freaking desert. I had a blast with you--sis! You're always game to travel anywhere on the backroads. I still say the cops were interviewing a UFO abductee.

  2. I wanted to swim in a water tower too. It looked like fun. My bacon cheeseburger was so juicy and good. There was lots of men there. I think besides us and the waitress, I only saw one other lady around town. I going to guess and say that the cops were hiding ET or ALF. I didn't see any cats in town. Hum, I am going with ALF.

  3. This looks fascinating sis--and fun!!
    A bacon cheeseburger sounds so flippin good right now!!
    all the best to you!!

  4. Yep Dev, that cheeseburger was a special treat and delish!
    Take care...

  5. So cool! Reminds me of the atomic 50's! You two have so much fun!

    OMG! I just had a serious moment of de ja vu! Wierd! I swear I've been "here" and read this all before!

  6. Another place you and the human didn't take me, Ms Julie!

  7. Tara, it does have a 50's feel to the place. Gila Bend is nothing like Mayberry, lol.

    Dale, you would have melted in the hot car. We did you a favor by leaving you at home.

  8. Now that's a restaurant after my own heart!


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