The Little Girl's Playground

As you walk into the abandoned trailer park, off to the right you see a swing set just sitting there all alone.  Sharon felt at one time a little girl once played there, perhaps with her siblings or other friends who also lived in a trailer located on this desert park.  For the most part the swing set is intact, but is now surrounded by garbage and desecrated trailers. 


  1. This area reminds me of that scene in one of the Terminator movies.


  2. Oh yeah Jane, it does. It is just as creepy...

  3. cool pics Ju! Love your last two-three posts. I've been a bit non-existant as school is a BEOTCH! And I'm just being polite! Love the pics of the two of you standing in the sun circle. And that picture of the toy bear or sad...I get a lot of sadness out of that picture for some reason.

  4. Terminator? I'm thinking more along the lines of The Hills Have Eyes! :)

  5. Tara, thanks for dropping by and commenting especially with school being such a beotch! I like the pictures of us in the domes too. We almost look angelic but lord knows we are not, lol. Sharon did pick up a little girl's spirit at the swing set and will probably tell more about it later. It is sad seeing the toys laying around the place knowing that children once played there. It is such a barren area and I wouldn't want to live there let alone have my children play there. Too many snakes and scorpions. I am just glad we didn't see any.

    Gummer, it is funny that you mention that movie. As we were driving from Gila Bend to Casa Grande, there were mountains and desert all around and we didn't see any other cars. We felt like the Hills Had Eyes and creepy mutant people were watching us. I was so happy to get to Casa Grande.

  6. I hate to through another movie reference...but I totally thought of Con Air. You know that scene where Steve Buscemi find a little girl playing by herself and you think he's going to kill her? Yeah, it looks like that scene.

    It's a good thing you didn't run into Steve Buscemi out there.

  7. Halloween Blues, I can totally see that scene. All that is missing is the pool. I do like Steve Buscemi and glad his creepy character wasn't out there. Personally, I was very glad no one was out there.

  8. Such a sad, sense of abandonment there. Makes me wonder what happened to the little girl.


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