The Little Girl's Ghost

There are a few urban legends floating around this city and other places as well. One is about the ghost of the nine year old girl that has been seen in several areas around Phoenix. On August 6, 1995 a little girl was struck by a hit and run driver and died on the scene. Stories are told that witnesses noticed her looking out the window of the ambulance as the paramedics were trying dreadfully to save her. Her little hands and face were seen pressed against the window as the ambulance pulled away. The person who hit the little girl was never found and justice was never served.

Right after her death, there were reports of seeing her ghost in several parts of the city. The strongest area, and the place with the most sightings, is the area she was killed at, 5th Avenue between Roosevelt and Fillmore. Her ghost was also seen a few miles away by a woman who was in the middle of cooking dinner at the exact same time her husband was woken by a box falling on him. She reported that the image of the little girl smiled and said that she loved the both of them very much. At that precise moment, another sighting was reported of the same little girl several miles away. A woman was seen walking with a little girl with the same features, size, hair type and color as the deceased girl. An older sister and friend were walking behind them and didn’t know who the child was. She kept turning around, smiling and waving at the perplexed pair following them. I don’t know if the woman ever had an explanation for the strange child who was walking with her.

All these stories were reported to the little girl’s mother, a couple of days and even up to six months later. No one had any explanation of why her spirit was seen all over the city at the exact same time, all her Mother could say was that her daughter was a loving child. There were many times since her child’s death that she would see her daughter and have conversations with her. Most of those times were at night, so she felt that it all happened in her dreams.

People still report seeing her ghost around town, but no place stronger and as often as the place she was killed.


  1. I feel badly for both the mother and the little girl's spirit. And how someone could leave the scene after something like that is beyond me.

  2. This is a very sad story. Children's ghosts are always the saddest as they are connected to stories like this. The poor mother.

  3. How sad. I can't even imagine losing a child. I don't have any yet, but maybe one day. My ex-husband and I lost one of our best friends suddenly in November of 2007 so I kinda understand the sudden loss and feelings associated with it. I hope the Mother has found some solace in the dreams of her daughter and it seem like the little girl is trying to let people know she is ok and happy where she is. Almost crying now! Geez Tara! LOL

  4. I have to agree ladies that this is indeed a very sad story. I will never know how anyone can run someone over and just leave them without seeing if they were alright. The thing that fascinated me about the story was that her ghost was seen in several parts of the city at the same time even to strangers. I am curious to know why her spirit visited certain people.....interesting.

  5. Now, that's a crime! I'd much rather live with a kid ghost than the Human.

  6. Welcome Dale to the conversation. It is creepy to have you here. I just bet you would rather live with a ghost than a human. How do you know that you are not living with one now? Rather, both, a human and a ghost?

  7. So weird lived in 5 th ave and roosevelt was admitted in hospital august 5th and given birth to my daughter august 6,2005 she is now 9yrs old today ..

  8. Do you feel that the fact that the killer was never brought to Justice has any effect on the girls spirit still being present in our realm?


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