Nester's Trailer

This trailer looked like Nester's trailer in the movie, "Tremors".  As we looked around the eerie sight, we felt the ground move a bit under us.  We looked for solid ground or large bolder, but found nothing.  The trailer park looked like the graboids had a party there.  The place was a huge mess.  Thank goodness we didn't see a graboid pop its head through the ground or any other creature roaming around the place.  R.I.P. Nester...


  1. I would so love to know the story on that place but honestly so many of those objects are from so many places and people that none of it pieces together in a cohesive story of why it's there!

  2. Interesting place with great photography!


  3. Autumn, it would have been cool to hear what happened to that particular trailer, but I understand about all the stuff in and around it were probably owned by various people and it made it difficult for you to read the objects. At least you were able to get something from the swing set.

    Jane, thanks..... It is interesting. We wondered if people really lived there or it just became a dumping ground.

  4. Hey you kids get out of my yard !!!

  5. Well Barry, next time invite us to the party!

  6. Did you check the trailer for "flammable liquid"?
    Poor old ,ester, he loved his 'shine...

  7. Barry, you should have made your presence known. We would have loved to been able to get a picture of a local. Besides, we are a couple of fun ladies. Have you noticed anything missing yet?

    Gummer, damn, we didn't think of that. I bet that stuff is as strong as what Granny Clampit makes and will put hair on your tongue. Good ol' Nester...

  8. Barry, I might ask a certain plastic redhead with an evil grin where he was on Wednesday. I bet he took it with his creepy doll friends as partners in crime.


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