Mesa: Cobwebs, Old Signs and Bigfoot


  1. What a freaking cool collection of pics. My fave is the cobweb though. That looks phenomenal! What a shot and find!!!

    1. I like the cobwebs too. I just looked up on our way out of Monsterland Bar and Grill, and there they were.

  2. Are those actual real cobwebs in the first photo? Yikes!

    I thought of you guys a week or two ago when I was watching a Bigfoot themed episode of Grimm. It was a good one! Are you watching that show?

  3. I wish they were, but I suspect they are just decoration for Monsterland. Yes, I am a fan of Grimm. I watch it every week and did catch the Bigfoot one. It is a bone-chilling and creepy show.


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