Now and Then

What a difference two years make.  The trailer park used to have at least three distinct trailers, and outdoor bathroom, and a swing set with a slide. It now looks like a tornado went through the area and destroyed everything leaving one shell of a trailer left, the swing set is all but gone, and it looks like garbage has been thrown all over the place.

East side in 2010.
Same spot in 2012.
Main trailer in 2010.
Same trailer in 2012. This is the only trailer standing.
The swing set in 2010.
The swing set is now gone in 2012. All that is there is the slide still lying on the ground.
Hobo camp nearby in 2010.
The Hobo camp now.

The burnt out house was still standing along with the barn/stables, but less of both were there.  It looked like the walls of the stable were hit with either a huge wind and lying on the ground.  The house was still a burnt mess and the odor was still there.  I think someday all that will remain of the house will be the fireplace.

Front in 2010.
Front in 2012.
Living Room in 2010.
Living Room in 2012.
Hall ceiling in 2010.
Hall ceiling in 2012.
Stable gate in 2010.
Stable gate still remains in 2012 but the walls are gone and
lying on the ground.
We could get inside the stables in 2010.
We didn't want to go inside the fragile building in 2012.
The motel looked basically the same, but the TV sitting outside looked like it was flattened.  Some of the rooms had different items inside and were open more to the elements.  The ceilings and walls are slowly crumbling down.

Same room in 2012

All and all, it was great to revisit these places that will forever be etched in our minds.  Don't forget the "Abandoned Places" signed book giveaway which ends on Wednesday.  Sign up today!


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