Wild West Fact: Oldest U.S. Settlement is a Pueblo

The oldest settlement in the United States was thought to be Jamestown but is really Acoma Pueblo, west of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This Native American community was established since the 12th century where about 4,800 people can be found.  The “Sky City” settlement sits atop a 365-foot high mesa where hunters and traders used to come and sell their goods.  Today the Acoma people earn revenue from a cultural center and casino complex.


  1. You know, it's possibly that New England's Viking buildings might be older than that too. We just don't know. I heard there might be some meso-american remains in Alabama. Now that is wicked cool. You would assume that oldest buildings are in the east until you consider the paleo-indian cultures.

  2. Many of the Native American ruins were built many centuries ago.

  3. It makes sense that a Native American Settlement would be the first, after all, they are the first Americans.


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