Wild West Fact: Billy the Kid

We have long thought Billy the Kid was left-handed, but a Winchester rifle tells it differently.  Billy the Kid's famous photo shows his gun belt on his left side.  The kid, born William Bonney, was portrayed as a leftie because a negative image was mistaken as a positive one when the picture was developed.  This reversal or mirror image made it appear like he was holding the Winchester Model 1873 lever-action rifle in his left hand with the loading gate on the left side.  This particular rifle only loaded on the right.  Hum, makes you wonder, was he a leftie or rightie?


  1. Loading port on the right of his Winchester makes him a righty... ;o)

    How are things?


  2. Things are great! Nice to hear from you.

  3. I love these histories and random facts you post on the characters of the Wild West! I guess they're particularly exotic for me, having grown up in a different country and not having these people and tales be a part of my own history.


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