Christmas in the Desert

It was the 1920’s and 30’s when a small town in Arizona, or rather mining camp, had around a thousand residents living among the dusty lands. Hidden in a canyon on Dripping Springs Mountains near Globe/Miami was a town called Christmas. It was another mining town formed around claims of silver and copper. It was much smaller than the surrounding towns, and never gained the popularity those urban areas enjoyed.

Today, Christmas is barely a blimp on the radar. The town is completely abandoned with empty homes and rusty headstone crosses that are scarcely visible from all the dense weeds, cacti, and sagebrush surrounding the area. The mines are all but quiet with all the machines and the workers long sense gone. Their spirits still wander around the tiny town they once called home.

If there is any sign that Christmas once existed, Sharon and I will try and find it on our next road trip.


  1. Fun project! Looking forward to seeing what you'll discover.


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