My Arizona Travel Book

I have gotten behind on posting to this blog.  I received notes from my publisher on my Arizona Travel book on changes and concerns.  It took me all weekend and today to address her notes.  She wanted all my changes by Wednesday in order to be able to publish my book in the spring.  I wanted to keep on track and get everything correct, but my blog suffered with neglect.  I am excited about this book being published.  It is my first attempt to not only write this book, but pick all the pictures placement and sizes.  I was excited for the challenge.  When this book is finally released, I will definitely advertise everywhere.


  1. Looking forward to your book. I hope to visit Arizona someday soon and I'm sure you will recommend some unusual things. Will you focus on urbex and haunted sites? Or will it be more general?

    1. Vanessa, since I love urban exploring, I have a chapter on doing that in Arizona. I also pinpoint the more unusual places to visit that I want people to see. I have a chapter on Native American ruins, petroglyphs and Sedona; another chapter on mining and ghost towns; abandoned places; old west cemeteries, and unusual things found around the state. I did it my way. I did want a boring travel book.

  2. I did NOT want a boring travel book. (I meant to say that instead, lol.)

  3. How awesome, Julie! It's obvious from your blog posts that your have a passion for Arizona! What a wonderful way to channel the passion! :)


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