The Not-So Famous Buried At Boothill

Van Houten, Murdered, 1879
He was beaten in the face with a stone until he died.  Trouble was over his mining claim, which he had not recorded.

James Hickey, 1881, Shot by William Clayborne
He was shot in the left temple by Clayborne for his over-insistence that they drink together.

Chas Helm, shot, 1882
Shot by William McCauley.  Two hot-tempered ranchers who disagreed over the best way to drive cattle, fast or slow.

Jos Wetsell, killed, 1882
He was stoned to death by Apaches.  His friends were not far away, and it was thought the Indians wanted to avoid attracting their attention by shooting him.
Freddie Fuss (behind Wetsell), 1882
A small boy who died from drinking stagnant or poison mine water.

John Heath
Taken from county jail and lynched by Bisbee mob, February 22, 1884.  He was called the leader of the five men who were legally hanged and was said to have planned the robbery.  He was hanged from a telegraph pole a short distance west of the Court House.

Mrs. Stump, 1884
She died in childbirth from an overdose of chloroform given to her by the doctor.  (This information given by her family.)

Kansas Kid
A cowboy killed in a stampede.

Six-Shooter Jim, shot by Burt Alvord, 1885

Dutch Annie, 1883
Sometimes called Queen of the Red Light District.
*Note:  The information came from the Boothill Grave Yard brochure.


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