The Surgeon’s House

This building is located high above downtown Jerome on Hill Street.  It was constructed in 1916 for the town of Jerome’s chief surgeon.  It has arched windows with stucco walls, a red tiled roof with beautiful foliage growing all over the grounds and building.

“Surgeon's House was originally the George W. Hull Homestead Tract.  Mr. Hull was far-sighted and industrious, and obtained what became the town site of Jerome, Arizona and much of the surrounding mineral rights. When major companies wanted his interests, his price was one million dollars. The United Verde Copper Company paid it.”

On that property, they erected an innovative hospital and nearby dwelling for the lead physician to call home.  The house was used as a nurses’ residence in the 1930’s and eventually the home of Chief Surgeon, Dr. Arthur Carlson and his family.  The Carlson’s decorated their home with premium items and threw lots of parties.

When the mines closed in the 1950’s, the house became the home of the Company’s agent, then several others such as councilmen, mayors and others had a wonderful time living in this warm house.  After years of neglect, it has been restored to its former glory by the current owners.  The building is now the Surgeon’s House Bed & Breakfast.  You can stay a night or two there and enjoy the exclusive rooms with decks, and gorgeous gardens.  The 360 degree views from the patio are breathtaking.  I have yet to stay there, but just may have to give it a try.


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