Superstition Mountain Museum

Located below the Superstition Mountain and 3.5 mile northeast of Apache Junction, is the Superstition Mountain Museum.  Inside and outside the building, you will find information and exhibits of the history, urban legends, artifacts about these mysterious mountains, and places nearby.

Through archeological data found in the area, they surmise that humans existed over 9,000 years ago.  More evidence shows that the Salado, Hohokam and Apache tribes also lived there.  Later the Spanish explorers and Mexican Gold Miners preceded them and then eventually the American trappers, cattlemen and farmers.  The mountains became famous for having “the riches gold mine in the world” hidden somewhere in the rugged terrain.   Jacob Waltz was known as the Dutchman and it was his mysterious mine many would risk and lose their lives trying to find.  He died in 1891 and took the secret to where the gold was buried to the grave with him.  All he left was a strange note with clues to where his treasure was hidden.  Today, along with the many mine seekers, the Superstition Mountains is a place of mystery where people can camp, hike, horseback ride, fish, swim, UFO watch, ghost hunt, and several other outdoor events.

The museum sits on 12.5 acres with an outside walking tour of replicas of a Wells Fargo office, stage coach stop, barber shop, assay office, and other items displayed throughout the paths.  There is the Elvis Memorial Chapel where you can get married with Elvis watching, the Audie Murphy Barn and Apacheland Movie Ranch.

Inside the building is a museum with many historic displays with artifacts and photos.  They also have a wonderful gift shop with jewelry, books, clothing, and many more items for you to purchase.

Superstition Mountain Museum
4987 N. Apache Trail
Apache Junction, AZ 85117-4138
(480) 983-4888


  1. This already sounded fun, but getting married with Elvis watching is just the icing on the cake.

    1. Elvis still seems to be everywhere, even a historic church on the Superstition Mountains in Arizona.


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