Cemetery Photography

I look for many different aspects in deciding what to take a photo of.  The Evergreen Cemetery provided me with many of those opportunities.  Here are some of the following things I look for:

I love shooting pictures through objects.  
An old rusty fence at a cemetery is a nice effect.

I am always keeping my eye out for the way shadows fall on objects and frame the picture for a more interesting look.  Also, I like to throw in my own shadow for another interesting effect.

I love the way the sun setting through the trees and headstones gives off beautiful reflections of light and dark.  Also, having some of the sun's rays in the photo shows off another great effect.  My friend calls it "God shine".

Another thing I look for in a western cemetery is the overgrown foliage.  The trees, bushes and shrubby can look like they are engulfing the grave site.


  1. Thanks, I love taking pictures in cemeteries. There is so many interesting photo shots.


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