Ghosts on the Stairs

Bisbee is a town where many ghosts seem to roam.  They have been seen in buildings, hotels, homes, and even on the streets around town.  In 2008, while staying at the Copper Queen Hotel, we had some paranormal experiences.  My son and some of his friends wanted to wander around the dark spooky streets of Bisbee at night.  When they got to a lighted staircase behind the hotel, he took a photo of it, and was surprised at what he saw.  It looked like a white figure walked by the staircase when he took the picture.

The entire area was completely lit up.  We can't explain this.

Sharon had a friend who also experienced seeing a figure on a staircase.  After taking a photo, something he couldn't explain showed up in his picture.  These stairs are located between a couple of buildings along the downtown area.  It took us awhile to find them, but after a few text messages back and forth, we were successful.  Immediately, we felt like something was there.  We took many photos, and even sat on the stairs in some of them.  Nothing appeared to be in the pictures with me even though I was tingling all over.  But, in the pictures with Sharon, there appears to be a figure near her and it was moving.  I saw it move down the stairs and stand behind her.  Her reaction to something touching her proved to me that I indeed saw a ghostly figure on the stairs.  This figure was shaped like a woman, wearing a long dress.  I also noticed what appeared to be a male figure at the top of the stairs.  It is hard to see in the photos what we saw with our own eyes, but I will post some of the pictures. That experience was very exciting for us.  It was the beginning of what was going to be an interesting night...

With a flash.

Without a flash.  There is a slight shape of a woman.

It is hard to see, but the apparition has moved behind Sharon.

This is where I witnessed the figure behind Sharon at the same time she felt her hair touched.

If you ever get the chance to visit Bisbee, take a walk around town at night and stop by the stairs to see if there are any spirits hanging around there.


  1. Wow, that staircase just looks eerie to begin with. Creepy, yes, but what a cool experience at the same time.

    1. Getting the tingles was pretty cool especially after seeing something moving on the stairs.


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