Tombstone: Inside the Bird Cage Theatre

I have taken you inside the Bird Cage Theatre before.  If you missed it or would like another tour, here you go:

Stairs to the catwalk.

The catwalk to the soiled doves rooms.

The original bar with a bullet hole from the Wild West days.

Strange mermaid type creature.

A blowfish (in the desert?)

Displays below the cages.

Old west barber chair used by Curly Bill.

Stairs to the back room.

The main floor.

Mariah Black Hearse

Displays in the back room.

A soiled doves room in the basement.

The gambling area in the basement.


  1. Hey! I remember this place from an episode of Ghost Adventures! That episode had some of their funnier moments. :) I mostly remember Aaron stumbling about and saying some ridiculous things. That place has to have some ghosts. Did you encounter any?

    1. We felt the weird energy especially in the basement, but no encounters.


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