Casa Grande Mountains: The Black Mist

About 5 miles from Casa Grande, AZ, sits a mountain range where many like to visit and hike.  The paths may be treacherous at times, but even the more skilled hiker loves to test themselves.   Sometimes in the evenings when the weather is cool, some will take a drive up to the mountains and enjoy the view.

But, there seems to be something else hanging around the bottom of the mountain scaring visitors.  An eerie black mist has been seen by witnesses as hovering over the roads and following their cars or anyone hiking the trails at night.  Some have reported being immersed in its shadowy haze and feeling uncomfortable.  This black mist seems to have a mind of its own and chasing people away from its mountain.

Some have their ideas of what the mist could be.  One thought is that it could be smoke from the guns from the nearby shooting range.  But because this shadow is following people, this theory didn’t seem to make sense.  Others hypothesize that since this land is where the Hohokam Indians once lived, maybe this mist is from the ancient tribe and protecting the ruins that are in the area.  Whatsoever the explanation is, many have seen the black mist and are terrified of its haunting nature.


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