Crater Range: Honeymooners' Ghosts

Crater Range is the section of Route 85 which lies ten miles north of Ajo, AZ.  Many take this path from Phoenix to Lake Tahoe.  Sometime in the 1950’s a happy couple, full of wedded bliss, took this thoroughfare on their way to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon.  This stretch of highway has mountains with huge boulders looming above.  The moon was not visible this night making their drive almost impossible to see clearly on the pitch-black road.  It was around midnight when the unbearable drive caused them to hit an enormous rock on the side of the road.  The couple died instantly.

Countless people who drive Crater Range at midnight say they have witnessed a car on the side of the road and a couple flagging them down.  The local residents claim that this is the ghosts of the twosome that lost their lives on this same route.  While some just pass them by, others have attempted to help them by offering a ride.  The pair would get in the back seat and sit in silence.  As soon as the motorist left the Crater Range area, the duo vanished.

So if you are ever heading towards Lake Tahoe on Route 85 at midnight, be aware of the honeymooners who crashed their car and asking for help.  They may just be manifestations who are forever lost in a place called Crater Range.


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