The Bisbee OK Street Jailhouse

The OK Street Jailhouse in Bisbee was constructed in 1904 and was part of the County Jail.  It was shut down in 1915 when the jails got too crowded for the tiny jail to hold.  A much bigger facility was built to hold all the law breakers.  We were told that John Wayne wanted to buy the building and change it into a private residence.  But he died before that would happen.

Today, the building has been remodeled as a small inn where you have the entire place to yourself.  The office is now where you enter the premises with the living room, kitchen and half bath located where the "Drunk Tank" used to be on the first floor.  On the second floor you will find a sitting area, the bedroom, closet, and bathroom with a shower and Jacuzzi tub.  On this floor is where the "serious offender" were held.  It is one of your many choices of places to stay while in Bisbee.  Also, there are many shops, restaurants and other places within walking distance from the jail.  Check out their website:


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