Back From the Birdcage

James in front of the Birdcage Theatre

Howdy all...
We are back from our investigation of the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone.  Since I didn't get to sleep until 3:00 am and just got home an hour ago, I am just going to tease you with a couple of pictures.  Tomorrow I am going to post about the Birdcage and our experience while investigating.  I have lots to tell about the Birdcage, Tombstone and other places we visited on our way there.  Sharon (Autumnforest) is also posting her pictures and videos as well, so there will be lots to see.  We had a great time investigating that spooky little theatre.

Soiled doves?  Naw


  1. I didn't see my invite... What?! :P

  2. That was fucking awesome!!! I'm already deviously devising a list of other experiments and tests to try on the next hunt!

  3. Sorry Dr., we would love for you to join us next time!

    Yep sis, I had a blast too. Jermone here we come with all your experiments!

  4. Oops, I meant Jerome... I must be still a bit tired from the late night ghost hunt.

  5. Nice pair of whiskey bottles you got there


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