Ghost and Legends Tour

Inside one of the buildings on Tombstone’s dusty main street is where the Ghost and Legends Tour can be found.  This self-guided tour is located where the Wells Fargo Company once stood, also a saloon, barber and cigar shops.  Now it is a walk through attraction where Tombstone’s history comes alive.

Using Hollywood special effects and computerized animation, you are guided by the famous gunslinger, Doc Holliday, through Tombstone’s history.  He takes you back to 1880’s when the town was booming and all hell broke loose.

In the first room is an old stagecoach used as part of the famous stage line.  This stagecoach was also used in almost 50 movie even including ones with John Wayne.  Doc explains how dangerous traveling in a stagecoach really was.  Many of the stagecoaches were robbed with some of its passengers murdered by unforgiving outlaws.

The next room is the recreation of Morgan Earp’s murder in the Campbell and Hatch Saloon in 1882.  You see Wyatt in the corner holding a cue stick and Morgan on the other side of the pool table.   I am assuming that this was right after Morgan was shot because he has a look of agony on his face and he is holding his back.  This saloon is now the Red Buffalo Trading Company. 

The next room is the Undertaker’s Parlor where the unlucky souls were sent before being buried at Boot Hill.  On the table lies Billy Clanton and in the coffins along the wall are the McLaury brothers and some other poor slob.  Hey, don’t those fellas in the coffins resemble the Ghost Adventure boys (Zak, Nick, and Aaron)?

The last room shows a building burning.  They are recreating the fires than nearly destroyed Tombstone.  Even the fires and earthquakes couldn’t wipe out this “Town too tough to die”.


  1. Part history, part creepy, but a whooooole lotta cheese.

    I like it!

  2. I agree-whole lotta cheese and it was melty warm! I had a blast! I loved when they shot air at us and it sounded like gunshot. We were screaming like pussies.

  3. You are working magic with that camera. As for the three stooges....can't be Zak....the hair is too flat.

  4. Cheesy but good. I didn't scream at the fake gun shots (she says with her fingers crossed *wink*)

    MM; you are correct about Zak's hair. It looks like he is always scared. The bald one looks like Aaron....ha ha.

  5. This has no become my all-time favorite post of yours because I freaking LOVE these images! BEST YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (P.S. The new photo of you and Sharon rocks too! Hot sexy mamas!)

  6. This was a fun tour and everyone should check it out when they visit Tombstone.


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