Investigation of the Birdcage Theatre

After dinner we went back to the motel to get our equipment together.  We changed into our investigation clothes, gathered up all our ghost hunting gear, and packed it in the cases.  We had plenty of time to relax and talk about the up and coming investigation.  Finally it was time to head over to the Birdcage Theatre.

We stood outside the building waiting for the ghost tour to end and everyone to file out.  We walked into the front lobby, took care of business, and then it was off to the back rooms to set up.  We had a half an hour but it took a bit longer.  We had 16 digital recorders, a couple of microphones and digital cameras in each room or near the hotspots.  At last it was time for lights out.  I was nervous, and excited.

The seven of us sat around the table in the loft which is where the Black Mariah hearse sits.  Right away we started hearing noises.  We took turns asking questions and when it was my turn, I asked about Margarita.  I wanted to know if she was there, how she really died or was she even real.  Right after asking a question, I felt chills from head to toe.  I asked Vinnie to put the flir camera on me but nothing showed up.  Shortly afterwards, Sharon got chills on one side on her body and another investigator felt uncomfortable.


While the others continued to sit around the table in silence, James and I went down to the main gambling/entertainment area and introduced ourselves.  After we asked some questions, we went downstairs to the basement.  Down there we continued to ask questions until it was time for another group to walk around.  Sharon went with Tim and the last group had three people in it.
After each group had their turn walking around, asking questions, and introducing ourselves, we conducted an EVP session.  We heard lots of noises around the hearse and saw strange lights in the main room.  Some of the noises could be debunked as possibly being a mouse or bat, and some of the lights were reflections from a passing car.  However, some of what we experienced was unexplainable. 

Once the EVP session was over, everyone went outside except for Vinnie and me.  After they all cleared the building, we went down to the basement.  We introduced ourselves again and asked several questions.  We wanted them to move the chair that was leaning against the table and let us sit down to play a game of poker with them.  The chair didn’t move so I guess we intimidated them.  We heard noises and footsteps above us.  Vinnie said the louder footsteps sounded like they were from the main room and running up the stage stairs.  We stayed down in the basement for a few more minutes and then went to the gift shop.  There have been claims of ghosts and weird happenings in there too.  We tried to get them to play hide-n-seek, but they didn’t seem interested.  Next, we went to the loft where the Black Mariah hearse and Dale were located.  Sharon sat Dale near the hearse and I asked the ghosts to knock him over.  Lucky for Dale, no one touched him.  We heard scratching and other strange noises.  Immediately following the loft we headed to the main floor but didn’t get to stay down there long before the next team was ready to investigate. 
basement stairs

Dale sitting near the hearse

We stood across the street while each team had their turn exploring the Birdcage.  While waiting to go inside one more time, a pack of deer crossed the street a short distance away.  After the other teams were finished, we all gathered back at the loft and sat around the table.  We decided to concentrate on the white lady in a bonnet that has been seen going down the basement stairs.  We all turned our chairs towards the stairs, turned on the video and flir cameras, and Sharon said a few words in hopes of getting her to manifest herself for us.  We all sat there concentrating on this one spirit but nothing happened.

The three hours went by so fast and no of us were ready to leave.  Each of us experienced different occurrences; voices, being touched, chills, footsteps, strange lights, and other unexplained noises.  When I walked outside the Birdcage, I looked down the empty street and it had an eerie feel to it.  I looked back at the Birdcage from across the street with the full (or almost full) moon above it and reflected on the investigation.  Is the Birdcage Theatre haunted?  I can't say for sure but something mysterious is going on inside that historic building.

mainstreet Tombstone at 1:00 am

Read Sharon's experience at Ghost Hunting Theories.


  1. That was a freaking blast. When we did out stints alone in there, I heard three different voices; one female, two male. I haven't heard that much chattering since Aspen Grove. I was thrilled! I am anxiously awaiting the EVPs. It was a disturbed night.

  2. I heard strange noises and got the chills. That was very exciting for me! The place was equally creepy from the outside too.

  3. You must have had a great experience while there. A place such as that must have something left over from the past that can't be explained. I can only imagine what you both had experience with.

    In viewing all the Images that you have presented, it seems that the Bird Cage place is not really all that big. Seems to be rather small and narrow at places. It is just full of memorabilia from the past that you can almost not move around well without bumping into something. However, maybe I'm wrong.

  4. Les; it is much smaller than one would think. The last time I was there was 15 years ago and the rooms were much more cluttered. I think they either removed some of the items or moved them to another location. There may have been more display cabinets than before. We had no problems moving around from room to room.

  5. What fun! :))) Your blog is such a trip!

  6. Very cool! Sounds like an exciting night!

  7. Can't wait to see what evidence you collected. Creepy place!


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