The Birdcage Mermaid

This creepy looking mummified creature is in a glass box, near the entrance of the Bird Cage Theatre’s display room. Many wonder how a mermaid would be found in the desert, so far from a body of water. The best explanation is that sometime in 1934 someone donated it to the Bird Cage Theatre’s tiny little museum. Whatever it is and however it got there, it is still a weird little artifact.  Don't you just love the look on the face of the blowfish above?  He looks like he is either in agony or singing.


  1. that creature at the bottom looks bizarre! Ha!


  2. yes it does.... it's a weird little creature.

  3. Great find in classic Weird Americana! I like this a lot.

  4. I swear it watched me all night on the ghost hunt! Haha. I think sea creatures to desert folk must have been a favorite fascination.

  5. Those two sea creatures did not fit the decor at all. I think they were taunting me when I was standing near them with the flir during the investigation. They are just creepy.

  6. very freaky little creature!


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