L'auberge De Sedona

Through the ivy tunnel to our cottage.
Cottages by Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona. 
A great getaway!
Just spent my 30th wedding anniversary there.
Our cottage, #16.

The view from our porch.

Another view from our porch.

Across Oak Creek from our cottage.

The outdoor shower was too cold to use.

Inside the cottage. Hubby getting a picture of me.

our fireplace

Sitting area near the creek below the cottages.

Cottages in the back are built right on the cliff.
It looks like a small wall is all that is holding them up, yikes.

One of the beautiful fountains on the grounds.


  1. What a lovely place! Wow. :) Happy Anniversary again!

  2. OH! OH! OH! That tunnel looked like a fantastic makeout place, but I have my eye on that outdoor shower which is my favorite thing in the universe!

  3. STUNNING! Absolutely stunning! Both the place and your images capturing it.

  4. Lois; it was beyond our dreams. We had a great time.

    Sis; I can see you getting lots of use out of that outdoor shower, teehee! (-;

    Barry; we had a travel agent find us this one. The place is below the main shopping drag so it could have been missed.

    Courtney; you said it, very stunning!


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