Barely Hanging On

It is amazing how some of the abandoned places we have visited had walls and ceilings still standing when they have deteriorated so much.  Even though we are unsure of the soundness of the structures, we enter carefully to get that wonderful picture. Here are some of those places we saw on our trips:

"Nester's trailer" was barely standing.

The burnt out house with just the fireplace left.

Old tin factory with the roof falling in.

The Domes are crumbling down.

Abandoned homes barely standing on the side of the hill.

The Assay office with deteriorating walls and roof.

Parts of walls standing by themselves.

A lone window holding up a crumbling roof.

Tin building with missing walls and ceilings used to house machines.

Shops missing their roof leaving the walls to stand alone.

The Slaughterhouse, all that is standing are some walls with graffiti on them.

A fireplace stands alone where a room once was.


  1. You always find the coolest stuff!

  2. We are going on our first trip of the year next week and I can't wait.

  3. Woah! You gals need to be wearing hard hats in some of those locations. I adore the last pic with the vase of flowers and the clock painted above the mantelpiece!

  4. Seriously, we should be wearing hard hats, LOL. Thanks ladies for the sweet comments.

  5. Love all the pics. Can't wait to see some from your upcoming trips.


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