Mother Nature's Weird Creations


  1. Love the pictures. The first one had me laughing.

  2. those are really cool, i took a photo of a tree stump that had an image of jesus and once a tree that had a butt...

  3. Oh my gosh--those are sooooo cool. I'm a tree freak and I love the beauty in them, but when their beauty is shaped like recognizable things-that is awesome!

  4. thoi motyher earth may creat her most beutiful she can also creat the funny that is the wonder of how she like many mothers knows when our souls need to laff.

  5. I love these pictures of the weird trees. I am hoping to find some of my own to take photos of. I would be very careful to stand under the first one. You just never know...

  6. Mind = blown.

    Also, nothing like a tree shaped like a ballerina to remind me that even a big piece of wood is more graceful than I am.


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