Morristown: Another Look

January 2011
A year ago, Sharon and I took the same route to Wickenburg and then to Prescott where we stayed the night.  Along the way we stopped in Morristown because a large abandoned building was right on the road just begging to have its picture taken.  Behind it was a trailer we figured the owners must have lived in at one time.  We couldn't pass it by on this trip, so we decided to take another look to see what a year and the harsh desert elements did to the structures.  

The building looked basically the same with the vines growing up the side looking a bit more dead than they did a year earlier.  The trailer looked like it took a beating and looked much more haggard than the first time around.  Time was not kind to this poor little trailer sitting under the huge tree.

January 2011
January 2012


  1. You two find the coolest places. You should do guided tours

  2. I'm visiting family in Prescott in March. I want to see this bad boy for myself...

  3. Love the ivy growing up on that old building. Reminds of the abandoned house I want to live in.

  4. Sometimes I look at these old buildings and think --- hmmmm maybe some paint and a new roof --- I could fix this up.

  5. Leo, that would be fun. We would like to take others along to see the craziness we go through to get to some of the abandoned places., there are so many places to see in and around Prescott. If you have time, visit Jerome. It is an interesting little town.

    Vivienne, the ivy looked much better a year ago. We haven't had the rain we got last year so the poor thing is dying.

    Barry, Sharon saw a place in Yarnell she would like to refurbish. It had a retro look and feel to it. I saw a couple of homes which were cute. They were definite fixer-uppers.

  6. These sorts of places can be around for what seems like forever or fade fast and be gone before you know it. Either way, it's best to visit when you've got the opportunity.

    That's quite a cool vintage trailer.


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