Brunckow's Cabin and Its Bloody History

 I wrote this last year and thought the bloody history and ghost sightings of the ruins where Brunckow’s cabin once stood is worthy of a repeat.  I am still hoping to get to see this place for myself, but many of those who have said there aren’t much left to look at.  The ghost sightings and history give it good enough reasons to visit this site especially at night.

Approximately 8 miles southwest of Tombstone, there lies the ruins of a cabin know as “the bloodiest cabin in Arizona history”.  The Brunckow’s cabin was built in 1858 by a German mining engineer, Frederick Brunckow.   Brunckow worked a mine on the San Pedro which was located near his cabin. 

History is told that 21 people were murdered in his cabin, including Brunckow.  Even though he was able to escape the divine retribution of the Apache, he could not escape the Mexicans that took his life.  The story is told that he was killed by his own rock drill and then thrown down one of his shafts.  After his murder, 17 others were killed before 1880, with three more after that.

Today the meager ruins of the cabin are all that can be found.  There are claims of seeing ghosts by those who dare to camp at the cabin and say it is haunted.  Perhaps Brunckow and the others have never left the place where their lives were violently taken.


  1. Wow, what a gruesome story. I do hope you get to see it some day. Hopefully it's better than you've heard. Also, what a name: Brunckow's Cabin. It feels like it belongs in a novel somewhere.

  2. Yeah, I definitely want to go there!

  3. Terrible story... It sounds like a good place for a ghost hunt. I hope you can go there.

  4. It is definitely a place I need to explore and get pictures of.

  5. Eek! A place that filled with murder and negativity ought to be haunted! I look forward to hearing about your experience if you make it out there.

  6. We've gone out there several times and captured some great EVP's. There are definitely spirits there. We're going out tomorrow!


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