Wickenburg: Just Good Country Living

Traveling to Kirkland from my house takes you through Wickenburg.  This city is located about 60 miles northwest from Phoenix in the southwest Sonoran Desert.  On the town's brochure, they refer to Wickenburg as the place with "clean air, good country living, western hospitality and all-around high quality of life".  I would have to agree.  It is the perfect mix of old west/modern with its historical downtown and beautiful large homes on the outskirts of town.  And yes, the air is clean.

Wickenburg was founded in 1863 and named after Henry Wickenburg, who also founded Vulture Mine.  He was a farmer and prospector who donated or sold much of his land in the area where Wickenburg now sits. Surrounding the city is Weaver Mountains, named after Pauline Weaver, with Vulture Mine nearby. Sadly, Vulture Mine is still closed but we were able to get pictures from the outside which I will post later.

If you find yourself in Wickenburg, check out the chamber of Commerce, grabbed a brochure from the nice people working there, and take a walk around town to check out all the historical sites.


  1. Lovely photos! It really does look crisp and clean there. That's quite the lizard! Is that a Gila Monster?

  2. What a lovely little town! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Justine, that is a Gila monster one of Arizona's critters roaming the desert.

  4. Lewis, it is a sweet little city and the people are so nice.

  5. That place is so weird. It feels like Old Scottsdale back in the 70s. Lots of old folks (snowbirds) this time of year. It's a good town. I give it thumbs up.

  6. Yeah, it does remind me of old Scottsdale as well. It has the same look and feel.

  7. You'd think living in Australia, I could handle a snake picture, but just the idea of a rattlesnake like that gives me the shivers.


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