Arizona Oddity: Dinosaurs Invade Holbrook

 They may have walked the Earth millions of years ago, but some have seen them in the minor town of Holbrook, Arizona. When you drive to the community located in the northeastern part of the state, you will feel like you are in the movie Jurassic Park. Along Route 66 there are yards of these intimidating creatures dotting the area. They range in the large to small and scavengers to the plant eating herbivores.

The Rainbow Rock Shop has many of these handmade dinos created by the owner Adam Luna. His first creation was built in 1987, and for over 8 years he added families to his collection. Most of his dinosaurs are the less intimidating kind because he didn’t want to frighten the children who visited his shop. He did sneak in a T-Rex with a helpless lizard in its mouth but says, “He is not planning on eating him”.

Looks like he ate the lizard and decided to snack on humans.

 Rainbow Rock Shop
101 Navajo Blvd.
Holbrook, AZ 86025
(928) 524-2384

A block north of the Rainbow Rock Shop is Adam’s home where a menacing dinosaur used to sit in his yard. This fierce beast looks very cranky and stares down all the drivers who pass by. He was bought by a family in Fountain Hills but because of its size and weight, it was too much to move. The malicious prehistoric dino sits in Holbrook today daring people to drive by.


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    1. I know. I haven't been to Holbrook in a long time but feel the need to check out the dinos.

  2. I remember going to a dinosaur park in Irish Hills, Michigan, when I was a kid back in the mid-70's. My folks took my brother, sister and I in the family station wagon through the park to see full-sized plaster & concrete dinosaurs, with signs telling us their name, size, diet and other info we kids ignored.

    I drove by there back in July 2011 and discovered it was still there, but had long been abandoned. However, the site was for sale. And if I ever win the lottery, I'm gonna buy it!

    1. That would be so cool if you could buy the park. I would love to go there and take photos of the place since it is abandoned. I bet it looks more like Jurassic park these days with overgrown foliage and dinos running a muck.

  3. That's really cute. I bet that'd be a great stop for kids. Or childish adults. Like me.

    1. Many of us adults have a child in us that just wants to play.


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