Wishing Outhouse

Many towns and cities have beautiful fountains or old wells where people throw their money and make a wish. The town of Jerome is a unique place to visit with its winding roads and historic buildings. It stands to reason that this mining settlement high on the hillside would have a one-of-kind wishing well.

Along the main road of town sits the remains of the historic Bartlett Hotel. Inside the shell and located in the basement is a vintage outhouse. The door is open and surrounding the old toilet is coins and other objects people have thrown. If they hit the inside of the toilet, they are granted their wish. People have tried all kinds of cleaver attempts to make sure their coin hits the hole-in-one. Each month the Jerome Historical Society gathers up all the coins and uses them towards restoring some of the historic buildings. The amount they collect typically is around $1,000 from the bottom of the toilet and surrounding area.


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