Mohawk Mini Mart

From Phoenix you travel north on Interstate 17 until you get to Camp Verde.  You then take the 260 highway through Cottonwood on your way to Jerome.  On highway 89A, right before you take a sharp turn up to Jerome, sits an abandoned building.  On the front are some faded words, Mohawk Mini Mart, letting you know what the old abandoned building used to be.  On one side, you will note that it is being held up by four wood posts.  The other side shows that the bottom level is built along the side of the hill.  Inside of the room hanging on the ledge is dusty old furniture piled all over the room.  I am sure that many years ago this mini mart was the place to grab a snack before or after visiting Jerome.


  1. it still open 24 hours a day? :P


  2. Wow, those supports do not look sturdy. I'd expect that thing to go sand surfing any day now.


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