Ghosts at the Connor Hotel

Jerome, Arizona
In 1898, David Connor built a lavish 20 room hotel which offered weary travelers and other visitors a warm place to spend a night or two.  The first floor of the hotel had a saloon, card rooms, and billiards.  Bad luck followed with the hotel burning down not once, but twice.  It was reconstructed each time, boasting a grand reputation and always having each room booked.  In 1931, the Jerome mines were struck with tragic incidences such as fires, floods and the mines drying up.  When the mines shut down, the Connor hotel was hit hard and had to close its doors.  During the 1960s and 1970s, the hotel was revived but not as lavish as it once was.  But by the 1980s it had to close once again stating safety violations.  It would be about 20 years before it would get the well needed renovations it so desperately needed.  

With all the noise and changes, many reported strange, ghostly activities at the Connor Hotel.  In room 1 there are claims of whispering and a women laughing; in room 2, objects seem to move on their own, while in room 4 a ghost dog's growl can be heard through the door.  Other strange claims are of sudden drop in temperature, a coffee pot turning itself off, batteries being drained in different devices, and a shadow figure.


  1. That's a cool looking building! I like the eye design in the glass above the door. The "Spirit Room" words are cool too. What does that mean? I'm guessing that's in reference to the ghosts? Is the Spirit Room a bar now? It looks like several corner bars around here.

    1. I didn't go inside, but I am sure the Spirit Room is a bar. I thought of the eyes as the spirits in the hotel are watching you. It would be fun to stay there a night or two.

  2. With such a checkered past, it doesn't surprise me that there are ghost stories attached to the hotel. I was going to ask you if you had ever stayed there, but I just read that you haven't. Another adventure for you and Sharon maybe? :)


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