The View From The Jerome Grand Hotel

From the very top of the hill and up a narrow road sits the Jerome Grand Hotel.  This majestic hotel was built in 1926 and started out as a hospital.  It was named United Verde Hospital and was the most furnished hospital in Arizona with all the latest equipment.  By 1950 the mines dried up and the hospital closed its doors.  For over 44 years the structure stood abandoned until it was bought and renovated.  The name was changed to the Jerome Grand Hotel.  Shortly after opening for business in 1997, many stories of paranormal activity were reported by witnesses.  Many believe that the spirits of those who died when the building was a hospital are still hanging around.

From the outside of the Jerome Grand Hotel the view of Jerome and the Verde Valley is breathtaking.  You can see the winding road through town, the towns of Clarkdale and Cottonwood below.  Off in the distance is a magnificent view of the red rocks of Sedona.  You can see for miles and miles of the amazing terrain below this splendid hotel.

Narrow road up to the hotel.


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