Skull Valley Store Closes

Two years ago this month, Sharon and I set off to Kirkland, AZ to conduct a ghost investigation at the Stakehouse and Bar.  We didn't know what a fun adventure it was going to be.  We decided to stop at all the small towns along the route to do some urban exploring.  There were lots of abandoned places in each town and we took tons of pictures.

The Stakehouse in Kirkland was very rustic, a bit too rustic for my taste.  We had a nice time visiting with the employee and noticed we were the only ones there.  She took us around and gave us the haunted history of the place.  That night, we both experienced hearing an old-time piano playing in the main room.  The problem was, there was no piano.

The next day, we decided to visit Skull Valley because it was only 7 miles away.  We were very curious to see what a town with the name "Skull Valley" would look like.  We pictured it to be desolate, with old rundown buildings.  We were surprised to find a "Mayberrish" place with quaint homes, cafe, and a general store.  Sadly, that store is going to be closing its doors after 100 years of service.  Personally, I hope someone buys the place and keeps it going.  These days, you just don't see many of these small general stores around the state of Arizona.

Here is the article about the store and a brief history of Skull Valley:  Prescott Daily Courier


  1. I may not always comment, but I love your travel reviews and itineraries...


  2. Recommend any good places to eat within the town?

  3. We found a deli/café near the store which has wonderful breakfasts.


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