Back To The Bartlett Hotel

In 2011, my husband and I visited Jerome while staying in a resort in Sedona.  I took several pictures of the Bartlett Hotel on that visit.  When I went back to Jerome this month, I concentrated on taking photos of the side of this huge abandoned structure.  I wanted to see what was inside each of the arched passages.  This hotel is an amazing piece of art with broken and missing windows, and old painted signs on the walls.  I could spend several hours trying to photograph every inch of this historic site.


  1. Do you think that's an old carriage under the blue tarp? I like the arches and iron work on the building. I wanted to see what the building looked like back in the day so I did a little searching. You might be interested in this too:

    Do you think this picture was taken in the 1920s? I'm trying to guess from the cars and clothes.

    1. It looked like an old broken carriage. I would have loved to have taken that home. I couldn't get enough of photographing the place especially the iron in each arch. It was gorgeous. I think that picture could be of the 1920's or 1930's. It is nice to see what the place looked like when it was new.


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