Kohl's Ranch Lodge

There are many places to see and stay while in Payson, AZ, and Kohl's Ranch Lodge is just another choice you have.  Located east of Payson on Kohl's Ranch Lodge Road off Highway 260, sits a sweet 3-star hotel in the pines and near a couple of lakes.

The hotel has a 24-7 service at the front desk with a warm fireplace and gift shop to greet you.  There are around 66 rooms with a balcony to enjoy the view.  Along with the comfortable rooms, the hotel offers a spa/wellness facility, concierge services, laundry facility, and wedding services if you choose to get married there.  There is also plenty of places to hike, fish, picnic, horseback ride, and to just relax.  Next to the hotel is a steakhouse and saloon with plenty to eat and drink.



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