Next to Dairy Queen: The Thing?

Between the towns of Benson and Wilcox, AZ, in the Dragoon Mountains on a small hill, sits a gas station, gift shop and museum next to a Dairy Queen.  The large building clearly states what is inside; souvenirs, t-shirts, jewelry, gifts, museum, and in the center, "The Thing?".  It is a cool gimmick to get you to the store by littering in the highway with billboards to entice you into being curious enough to see what "The Thing?" is.  It will cost you a buck to check it out, but I will show you for free.

The Thing sits in a brick coffin with a glass top in the last of the three sheds full of antiques and other unusual items. The glass on top made it difficult to take pictures without getting reflections of myself or whatever was near it.  I figured out a neat trick by putting the camera right on the glass and taking the picture.  It gets a close up picture of the mummy and her baby.  To get her entire body, I moved the camera down the coffin and took several pictures.  When I got home, I put them together on Photoshop.  Even tho I am showing what "The Thing" is, you really should check it out for yourself if you are ever in the area.  It is worth the dollar you will have to spend to see it.

The door to the Thing.

The cement path with yellow footprints leading the way. (Bigfoot?)

Sharon is about to enter into the building with the Thing inside.

Having a moment...

The Thing!!


  1. OMG!!! This Post is Soooo Fun.....I Love how the Photos lead up to "THE THING"......My Husband checked it out and said its Probably some Mexican who refused to grow Weed for the Cartel...LOL

  2. They don't explain what or who it is, or even if it is real, but it is an interesting little novelty to check out.


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