Nighttime at Big Nose Kate's Saloon

My post about the history of this place:

On my recent trip to Tombstone with Sharon and our friend Stu from New Jersey, we decided to have dinner at Big Nose Kate's Saloon.  Sharon and I shared appetizers, while Stu opted to have a meal.  We all had a beer or two and enjoyed the entertainment.  We even got into the feel of the place by interacting with the props.  We all had a wonderful time whooping and hollering at the Big Nose Kate's Saloon at night with the other cowboys and cowgirls.

Sharon got caught being naughty...

Stu and Sharon looking over the menu.

A couple of rowdy cowboys!!

Hey, who put this picture here?!!

Hanging above our table.

One of the many cowboys in the saloon that night.

The entertainment.  They were very good.


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    1. It is and I recommend it as a place to hang out, especially at night while in Tombstone.


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