Vanished: The Slaughterhouse

July 2011
The Slaughterhouse

July 2011
The Barn
There once was a place in Casa Grande, AZ that the locals referred to as the Slaughterhouse.  There were many stories of the place being home where a man "entertained" many women, and butchered animals as well.  After the house became abandoned; graffiti was painted on the walls, the roof caved in throughout most of the house, the barn was where we found a puppy caucus, there were rumors of ghosts hanging around, and eventually a vagrant took the place over with his dogs to make the place his home.  Apparently, the man caused lots of problems and was finally ran off the premises.  When Sharon and I dropped by to check the place out and to show a friend, we were surprised to see that the house and barn were gone.  Vanished into thin air.  This marks the 7th or 8th place that Sharon and I have photographed and is now just a distant memory.

November 2012
Squatter has moved in and taken over.

January 2015
Where the barn once stood.

January 2015
Where the Slaughterhouse once stood.


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