Hee Haw

Kickin' it up cowboy!

Wild West Women


  1. I just love that last image. ;)

  2. Yeah, we are a couple of wild saloon girls... tee hee.

  3. You and sis had tons of fun. Great shots. You bring us right there.

  4. Nothing like a pair of Saloon girls with hearts of gold.

  5. An ample bosoms, eh, Barry? That was a freaking blast! I was giggling like a schoolgirl at all the men in the western garb. Oh my gosh! All my girls parts were a twitter.

  6. MM; we are just a couple of wild and crazy gals.

    ..... or a bag of gold Barry.

    Well Sis, we had a great time. The whiskey was good too, tee hee.

  7. Nice photo's of the ole' place. You two Ladies look pretty good just foolin' around.


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