Urbex: Driving Miss Daisy?


  1. LOL @ Lost.In.Idaho!!!

    I LOVE those car photos!! Did you take those!?!?!?!?


  2. Lost.In.Idaho; thanks sweetie! I think is it a nice one too.

    Red Shoes; Yes I did. I took them at Vulture Mine, AZ.

  3. You have an amazing eye. How do you find these places?

  4. Just awesome. Man it makes me smile! Can't wait to get back to Vulture Mine for a nighttime hunt!

  5. Especially love that first shirt. Looks like Al Capone's guys whacked someone in the desert and broke down on the way back...

  6. Jessica; some I see on TV, or Sharon tells me about them, or I already know of their existance. I am finally getting out and seeing them for myself. Lots of great stuff just lying around in the desert.

    Sis; looking forward to that midnight hunt there too. That place gave me chills in the daytime, can you imagine what it feels like there at night.... muhahaha!

    BL; that is what I love so much about that car. I looks like the gangsters didn't do well in the desert.

  7. These photos look like they would have been taken in a place called Vulture Mine! :) The first shot almost looks like a coach, it's so old. Neat find!

  8. Justine; yes they were taken at Vulture Mine. That place has lots of great photo opportunities for expert or even amateur photographers such as myself who just wants to get better at taking great pictures.


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