Double Buttes Cemetery

On September 13, 1887, a group of citizens formed a group called, "Tempe Cemetery Association", and started the Double Buttes Cemetery in Tempe, AZ.   The property was donated by Niels Peterson in 1888.  Many famous Arizona citizens are buried in this cemetery.  The Double Buttes restaurant sit high on a mountain overlooking the cemetery and the city.


  1. Fascinating images. I see Scandinavian names in your images. I guess they were early settlers in the area.

  2. I will attest that us Norwegian/Swedes do not at all like this desert. I don't have the sweat glands or the skin type for it, but I manage to survive with air-conditioning. There is a small pocket of them, though, but most moved on to Northern California, bless their smart souls. That cemetery is very freaky. I don't know what to make of it. Very unsettling.

  3. WOW! I love these photos, Adsila! You topped yourself with this one!!!!

  4. I enjoy old cemeteries as well - your photos rock!



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