More Weird Cemetery Pictures

Here I am standing at another corner of the Woolf family plot.  I got more of the multi-colors on the left and a strange mist on the right.  The colors in the pictures almost match my aura picture..... hum.

Ha ha, it looks like big colorful lips surrounding my face.


  1. This is interesting. You know, for the aura colors, that should mean a lot of love and spiritual energy by those colors. I hope we can figure out this mystery.

  2. It was a family plot so there could have been lots of love there... just guessing. It is very interesting.

  3. Very cool! How does a person get an aura photo? I know that I read about the process once, but I forgot!

  4. Justine; I got my aura photo taken in Sedona AZ. That city is loaded with places taking aura pictures. This was my first one and it was a cool experience.

  5. Neat! So does the camera sense energy or heat? I'd like to hear more about how this is done! Did you have to stand there long to have your picture taken?

  6. Very interesting. Whatever it is, it's very pretty. ;)


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