Weird Cemetery Pictures

These were taken at the Double Buttes Cemetery in Tempe AZ, last night.  We were taking pictures by the Woolf family's plot.  I took three shots in a row standing in the same spot.  In one picture I got a rainbow mist and in others, nothing.  We can't quite explain what it is.  It was dark with no lighting around the area.  Here is some of the pictures from one angle.  I will post more from another angle later.

One: normal

Two: weird anomaly

Three: normal


  1. very cool... maybe you got the million dollar ghost capture...

  2. Those don't even compare to what I caught when I took pictures from the other side. I will post those later... muhahaha!

  3. It really reminds me of aura pics!

  4. It does look like that but whose aura, mine, yours or one of the Woolf family's.... interesting.

  5. Nice pictures. That monument is quite elegant. Looking forward to seeing the other angels.

    If you were using a flash at all or any light source (even some small like a reflection off a ring or something shinny) that could have hit the lens from an angle, I would say that rainbow is a diffraction effect.

    But I like the million dollar ghost capture theory better! :)


  6. FQ, you are probably correct, it makes sense. I like the million dollar ghost capture too. I can sure use the money, tee hee.

  7. Adsila took photos from the "other side?"

    YIKES!!! ;o)


  8. me like cemeteries too! great photos! it would be cool if it was other worldly.

  9. That spot always seem to give us great results. I have several shots like that too. Hmmmm?

  10. i look forward to the other-side...muhahaha!


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