Abandoned Places

I came across this video of a photo montage taken of abandoned places all over.  I have been taking most of my photos around the state of Arizona but hope to travel to other states and countries snapping pictures of more urban exploration.


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  2. too many typos in last comment. gotta trim these long nails : /

    i never noticed abandon places before you and sharon started your explorations. but now i look for them and i guess there everywhere. cool stuff.

  3. I loved the music that slideshow was set to! Do you know what it was? It was sort of a game guessing what some of these structures had once been.

  4. Sandra; ha ha, I remember having that problem as well. Now I just keep them short. There are so many abandoned places all over. I love finding the ones in our state and sharing the photos and stories.

    Justine; I found this on youtube, liked it and wanted to share. I'm not sure exactly where they are but I too have been trying to figure out what they once were.


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