The Lonely Farm House

Along the highway in Stanfield, AZ, stands this lonely, abandoned farm house.  The windows are broken, some of the ceilings are gone, and the walls are a mess but we saw the beauty this home now offers.  I wonder what kind of stories this house could tell.


  1. I love how those pics came out. I can almost smell the place again and hear the lone wind whistling....

  2. Yeah, I bet the wind really howls throughout those hollowed rooms.

  3. Wonderful photos! I would love to hear the stories as well!


  4. Julie, your title compliments your photos perfectly. Poetic on both counts!

  5. Jane, I just wonder how many families lived there before it became abandoned. If the walls could talk...

    Courtney, thanks for everything.

  6. I use to go trick or treating there in the 70's


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