Annie Oakley: Wild West Sharpshooter

She was born Phoebe Ann Moses in a cabin in Ohio on August 13, 1860.  Even though she grew up very poor, she was able to pull herself up and became a famous American sharpshooter in a Wild West show.  Annie spent most of her life east of the Mississippi, was a Quaker, and only stood five-foot tall as an adult.  She was athletic, tough, and had strong opinions about women’s rights.  This petite woman was brassy and often spoke her mind.  Her skills with the gun made her a star attraction of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.   People were just amazed by her gutsy shooting acts which change much of the world's perception of the American west.
A few months before her death on November 3, 1926, Will Rogers made this statement about her, “the greatest woman rifle shot the world has ever produced”.


  1. Wow... I love that hat she is sporting in that first photo up there!


  2. Okay, I totally worship her--the ultimate tomboy.

  3. After reading on how feisty she was, I grew to like her too. She was a bad-ass, sharpshooting, and brassy cowgirl...heehaw!!!

  4. Wow, she sounds fabulous! Of course, I know of Annie Oakley, but I really didn't know much about her. Thanks for this great post. Now, I even know that her birthday is the day before mine, and I'm probably only a tiny bit taller than her. Haha.


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