Yarnell: A Second Look

After a nice breakfast in Skull Valley, we headed back home.  When we got to Yarnell, we wanted to explore this interesting town once more.  On our first cruise around town, we found lots of abandoned buildings.  We checked out some other roads we didn't explore the first time.  We ended up in a neighborhood with some cute homes.  As we drove further back, we saw a park and decided to get out and take a potty break.  We found beautiful paths leading down to a creek and interesting old trees.  We even did one of our silly Bigfoot videos with foot and butt prints.  (Check out Sharon's Bigfoot video and others: http://www.ghosthuntingtheories.com/2012/01/road-trips-with-me-areweird.html )


  1. Those pics came out so well! That park was kind of freaky and kind of cool. I'd love to go there when it's green in the summer.

  2. It looked like a nice place to hike around and explore.

  3. I'm sure it goes without saying, but as a writer, I love seeing abandoned buildings and old, rusted, abandoned equipment and dreaming up the story behind it; who used it, what happened the last time it was used, and why it was forgotten. I'm envious of these trips you take.

  4. I feel the same as you when it comes to exploring the abandoned places. I wonder what kind of stories these places can tell. I really love our trips and finding all the hidden abandoned treasures tucked away in the back streets of each town.


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